Since 90 years the name Wiedemeyer stands for first-class performance in all areas of logistics. On request, we take over the coordination and realization of your complete transport logistics, including factory and corporate relocations - at home and in foreign countries. All these activities require extensive know-how and many years of experience, which enables us to support you in your projects at very short notice.

Take advantage of our modern fleet, our generous storage facilities and in particular of our mission Reliability - Punctuality - Flexibility associated with competence, commitment and high service and customer orientation.


Tooling equipment transports

For more than 29 years the transport logistics and transport execution of heavy and extra-wide tools up to 60 to under tarpaulin counts to our core business.

In particular, the automotive (supplier) industry registers an increasing demand for short-term and secure transportations of complex sets of tools, which for example, are used for the production of mudguards. Even the comprehensive test of tools with the introduction of new vehicle models often requires numerous and timely transportations.

The average weights are between 30 to 50 to. Widths of 2.5m and more are standard, so that the hood vehicles must be broadened for loading and unloading. Due to our high number of permanent permits the required preliminary lead time is minimal and is partially 3-6 hours.

Since the tools, which are different for each vehicle type, must be held available for about 20 years to produce spare parts, we can offer not only the transport but the full warehouse logistics for tools up to 60 to.

Security has priority

Of particular importance is the securing of this heavy and wide tools. Although their absolute dimensions are relatively small in comparison to many other special or heavy transports, they have a high point load. With a semi-trailer length of more than 13m and a tool length of 2m up to 4.5m, the driver has to deal with the optimum positioning of the tool before loading, so that the axles of the tractor or the trailer will not be overcharged.

For optimum load securing a vehicle with coil pillars or stanchions is required so that the tool can fit tightly against an end wall. Below the tool 8mm thick non-slip mats are laid. In order for the tool to rest entirely 5m long rolls are used. The actual securing is done by special chains and lashing straps, which are proved by the TÜV and designed for the specific weight. They will be fastened – mostly crosswise – on the resilient lugs of the trailer. If a tool does not have any attachment points, large eyebolts are often turned into the tool for attaching the chains.

With us you not only drive on the safe, but also on the environmentally friendly side: All our vehicles are Euro 6 certified. All our drivers have completed ECO trainings. The regular updating of our vehicle fleet – no vehicle is older than 4 years – takes into account the latest ecological criteria.


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