Since 90 years the name Wiedemeyer stands for first-class performance in all areas of logistics. On request, we take over the coordination and realization of your complete transport logistics, including factory and corporate relocations - at home and in foreign countries. All these activities require extensive know-how and many years of experience, which enables us to support you in your projects at very short notice.

Take advantage of our modern fleet, our generous storage facilities and in particular of our mission Reliability - Punctuality - Flexibility associated with competence, commitment and high service and customer orientation.


Special and heavy transports

To deliver goods and machinery of exceptional dimensions or weights according to your needs properly and on time, is a challenge we face again every day with enthusiasm and expertise. Up to 100 tons, we move for you across Europe.

You can also rely on our many years of experience in the transportation of maschines under tarpaulin up to 5 meters wide, 4 meters high and a weight up to 60 tons.


In today's heavy load and special transport business semi-trailers act as all-purpose verhicles to fulfil the most different transportation tasks.

Especially the flexible configuration and equipment of semi-trailers are specific advantages that help us to fit your requirements as good as possible.

Equipped with brackets, ramps, wheels troughs or telescopic frames the semi-trailer gives the economic answer to many transportation challenges.

Low-bed trailer

Low loaders with multifunctional (e.g. ramps, retractable goose necks), telescopic and up to 4m or even 5m wide (brackets) beds with up to 15m length in the bed (prolongable up to 25m or 30m by middle sections) as well as with loading heights from 20cm to 60cm offer a wide range of flexibility for your logistics and transportation requirements.

Vessel beds

If your requirements are exceptionally high and wide we prefer vessel beds with a loading capacity of 25tons to 250tons, beams with a length of 8m to 35m and a loading height from 100mm to 600mm. The width of our vessel beds is tunable from 2,50m to 3m, 4m, 5m or 6m-8m.

Roller combinations

Roller combinations allow the transportation of very heavy loads and provide a high degree of flexibility. The number of axles is varying from case to case.

  • Length from 30m to 50m
  • Width from 2,50m to 10m (2 roller combinations run in parallel if necessary)
  • Loading height from 0,80m to 1,20m
  • Loading capacity up to 250tons

Extendable trailers

Extendable trailers of different length and loading height are often used for the transportation of long pieces:

  • Platform height from 1,2m to 1,6m
  • Loading weight from 20tons to 50tons
  • Length triple extendable up to 50m
  • Width up to 6m
  • Height up to 2,8m

Rear carriage

Modern rear carriages are often an alternative to extendable trailers to transport self-supporting long pieces in a secure way. Even in difficult situations we move your goods with a length of more than 40m and a weight of 40tons undamaged to its point of destination.

Transportation under tarpaulin

Your valuable engines and facilities are also moved - reliable and punctual - by vehicles under tarpaulin. Our modern trailers provide an internal height from 3,20m to 4,00m a width from 2,50m to 5m.

The loading capacity ranges from 20tons up to 60tons under a cloae tarpaulin frame.


Warehouse space in Witten

100 m x 20 m x 7 m

Warehouse space in Bönen

Strategically located.

Our warehouse locations

Warehouse in Wetter (Reme and Ford halls)

Street address:
Remestraße 9
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)
Warehouse in Hattingen

Street address:
Schmiedestraße 3
45527 Hattingen
Warehouse in Ennepetal

Street address:
Scharpenberger Straße 96
58256 Ennepetal
Warehouse in Bönen

Street address:
Edisonstraße 27
59199 Bönen
Warehouse in Witten

Street address:
Stockumer Straße 28
58453 Witten

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